I can help you with your vocal challenge no matter what it is. This is because a variety of screen roles and being a top voice artist has equipped me to help you produce the voice you truly want.

Case study 1. Lost for words

This client says he’s on the autistic spectrum and, when he first met me, he could hardly get a single word out in public. We worked for several weeks at focusing on thoughts and not words. We also focused on pictures of what he wanted to say. Later, we were able to turn thoughts and pictures into words which enabled him to create successful presentations.

Case Study 2. Physical mannerisms

Actors are taught to control their body, but for many people they have physical mannerisms that they are totally unaware of. These can irritate a watcher or break the focus of an important conversation. This client was amazed to be confronted with her nodding head, but willingly worked to eliminate it.

Case Study 3. Making the difference

Some people are aware of their need for real improvement in the way they present themselves, whether that be in how they speak, move or think. For some, it may be where the voice is placed in the face, wrong use of crucial vowel sounds or lack of proper breath control. All these are easily dealt with, as are many other inhibiting factors in the way someone speaks.

Case Study 4. Don’t be boring

Many people are completely unaware of how boring their presentation is. This is because they focus on facts and figures. To help this particular client, I asked him to imagine that he was talking to his best friend in a conversational manner. After a while of doing this, he was able to return to his presentation without being boring, by delivering it more like a chat.

If you think I may be able to help you with your performance in meetings, presentations or on camera, contact me and we’ll meet for a free assessment of your needs.