I'm Valentine Palmer

I help individuals and business leaders to deliver their message in a clear and confident fashion.

I’m a coach. But as I’ve been several other things in my lengthy career, that makes me a rather special kind of coach, a performance coach.

Some people are naturally sceptical about the results I achieve with those from all walks of life who have a major problem when it comes to communicating with others. Channel 5 and the Terry and Gabby show was no exception. They set me a challenge. I was to take a young lady with obvious vocal and personal communication problems and turn her into a star. Furthermore, they gave me just 24 hours to achieve this. Watch and see how I did it.

Do you ever wish you had a bigger, more powerful and more persuasive voice?

Do you ever wish you could present yourself on video and in text form in a more memorable and unique fashion?

HSBC invited me to their Canary Wharf HQ to share some of my tips and techniques with those who had recently joined the bank. Many of them were concerned about fulfilling a customer-facing role and, after my presentation, told me how helpful they had found it.

I can help you because, through my many years as an actor in some of Britain’s best loved TV series, I learned how to develop a powerful and memorable screen personality.

I can help you because I spent 10 years as a producer of corporate videos for many major corporate clients, and I learned to craft visual presentations that showed their message in a memorable fashion.

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‘Many thanks for helping me to build confidence in addressing both small and large groups in the medical world.’

Dr Kofi Owusu, Abbott Laboratories

‘I now have greater confidence in speaking proper English. Thanks to your help with my voice, my speech defect has now completely disappeared.’

Raigko Vulvik, VP, Deutsche Bank

‘After working with Valentine, I have greater confidence in delivering to groups, using carefully constructed speeches.’

Randall Mason, System Engineering Manager, Cisco Systems

'Valentine noticed a talent within me and through his coaching vastly expanded my frame of consciousness and gave me the confidence and skill set to not only speak publicly, but also to direct myself in front of the camera.'

Edward Daniels, Lawyer and Vegan Chef

'Valentine is an international voice and presentation coach, author, novelist, screenwriter and TV actor and thus enables businesspeople to reach their potential in finding a powerful and persuasive voice and a presence that is uniquely their own.'

Mike Symes, CEO Financial Marketing
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