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What is self-confidence?

You only exist as others perceive you.

Think about it. However you feel about yourself, people are going to sense it.

They’re going to pick up the ‘vibe’.

For instance, if you feel truly confident, you’ll project an aura of effortless sureness. You’ll appear to be absolutely sure about who you are and where you’re going.

If you’re really confident, you’ll be sure about what you want to say and how you want to say it. You’ll also give the impression of being able to get what you want.

How to gain self-confidence

If you think you don’t have this kind of ‘sureness’, how do you get to become really confident?

How do you create what you want in your life?

· By knowing exactly what you want.

· By believing that you can have it

· By taking the necessary actions to get what you want.

· By constantly stating it to yourself, as if you already have it.

The Vision Path

The thing you want is your vision and the way you get it is by traveling along your Vision Path.

Truly confident people have a drive and an energy that comes from being absolutely clear where they’re going and being absolutely certain that they’ll get there.

Confidence is contagious. It’s catching. That’s why companies want to employ confident people – they inspire others around them.

When you feel inspired, things start to happen: processes speed up, solutions are created, and objectives are reached with apparent ease.

The secret of how confident people get what they what

Once you experience feeling truly confident, what you want will be in the forefront of your mind all the times. Therefore you’ll be able to create something that never previously existed.

So, always keep in your mind what it is you want – not what it is you are trying to get rid of.

Here’s what you do:

1) You conceive of an idea and then you shape it into a vision.

2) Write down what this vision is.

3) Cut out pictures of the new house you want, the corporate headquarters of the company you want to work for, the car you want, and the garden you’d love to have.

4) Your vision could also be a business plan, a treatment for a movie, an initial blue print for a project, or just an increasingly clearer picture of who you really want to be.

5) Think about your visions daily. The best time to focus on them is first thing in the morning (when your brain is at its most retentive) and last thing at night (when the visions can sink into your sub-conscious while you sleep)

6) Whenever you spend time focused on your visions, see and experience it as if it’s already there, in existence.

7) Experience it for several minutes, feel it, walk around inside it, as it were. Use all your senses to make it appear as real as possible.

The energy you derive from this discipline will begin to shine forth and you’ll be projecting that wonderful aura of sureness and confidence. People will start to say of you, “There goes a really confident person!”

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