Why the English don’t understand you.

By December 28, 2020March 20th, 2021Uncategorized

Feeling lost in Britain, because people don’t seem to understand you? The English voice isn’t easy to impersonate, because your own native voice will get in the way. The trouble is, your natural accent, which is the tune, tone and rhythm of your learned voice, when you first started to speak, will tend to overlay all the English you try to speak. Consider listening to BBC radio and watching newscasts on British TV, to get the inflections that the speakers use.

Most people who visit Britain from other countries rely on the English that they were taught at school. However, it’s very likely that the person teaching them English wasn’t an English person at all. This means that you may never get the proper way to speak the language. You would be better to listen to recordings of English pronunciation made by true English voices.

However, another challenge you may have with the language is that, although Britain is very small, you can fit it into India 12 times over, the influence of her language is felt everywhere in the world, on the Internet, in aviation and big business. That is why English is spoken by one billion people around the world. But learning to speak it so that everyone in Britain can understand you, is another matter. Many English people place their voice in a particular part of the face. It tends to be further forward and lower down than in many other countries. Is your voice far back? Above all, do you speak very fast and with your mouth not wide open? All these simple things can contribute to you not being understood and a few simple exercises can help to overcome these qualities that are making it hard for English people to understand you.

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