What women want in a man’s voice

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How seriously do you take your voice? And especially, how seriously do you take your voice when you are going on a first date? Women are impressed by looks, but only up to a point. What really turns them on, gets them seriously interested in you, is the quality of your voice. Women love a voice that is confident, a voice that is charming, a voice than makes them feel as if they’re the only woman in the world.

Women want a voice that is masculine, but not aggressive or overbearing. Your voice needs to have a quality of warmth, caring and friendship about it. So, be sure to get enough breath in, because the more breath behind your voice when you speak, then the warmer your voice will sound.

Make sure that you’re fully relaxed before you meet her. Not easy, I know, but do try. A voice that is nervous moves up higher in the head, as the vocal cords tighten. The more relaxed you are, the more your cords will relax, and your voice can move lower down into your chest. Breath deep, control your voice and keep it low.

So, deep but not threatening. That’s what a woman wants in a man’s voice.

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