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About Your Voice

Most people talk too quietly and most people talk too fast. When you walk into a room full of strangers, they will judge you. They may judge you consciously or sub-consciously, but they will make a judgement, and the moment you open your mouth – they really will judge you. Our ears are very sensitive to sounds and, if you cannot easily be heard, the listener’s attention will wander. The problem could be to do with accent, articulation or lack of real vocal control. My job is to ensure that you develop a powerful and persuasive voice. One that is clear, confident and charismatic.


About Your Presentation

It’s been said that some people fear speaking in public more than death. I’m not sure that I believe that, but I do know that for many, the idea of getting up to speak in public fills them with dread. My task is to support you in the design and delivery of your vital pitch, presentation or speech in such a way that, rather than feel nervous in front of your audience, you will actually feel energised and inspired and really enjoy the occasion.


About Your Confidence

When someone you don’t know walks into your office, or stands up to make a speech in front of a large audience, you know immediately if they are a confident person. Why is this? Because they have an aura of knowing exactly who they are, what they’re doing and where they’re going. Over the past many years I have worked with people from all walks of life and from many different countries to help them develop a sense of real self-worth and an ability to present themselves with true confidence, no matter what the situation.

International Voice & Presentation Coach

As Producer and Writer

For a number of years was a producer of corporate and training videos for clients like BP, Barclays, and IBM. Is a successful published author with his controversial book on the sinking of the Titanic, watch the interview on Channel 5. His various e-books on voice and presentation skills are available on the Academy of Communication Library many of them free to download.

As Singer and Actor

Numerous leading roles in London West End musicals, including ‘The King and I’ and ‘Oliver’. Appearances in many of Britain’s best love television shows including, ‘Dr. Who‘. Has also been a top voice artist.

As Coach and Consultant

For seventeen years has coached business people from some ten different countries on how to improve their Spoken English, develop a more powerful voice and deliver highly successful presentations. His work as a coach has been featured on Channel 5 and BBC TV. This video has been viewed by some 200,000 people on YouTube. His coaching clients include Barclays, NHS, Norway’s Stat Oil, Cisco, Deutsch Bank, and Kuwait Oil.

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My References

Valentine is a class act. I have an extensive database of business experts. Valentine is on the top of the list for interaction with clients. A true professional who has time to help your events be taken to the next level.

Brendan Quinn

Founder, Wandsworth and Central London Property Networking Events

Over the past 10 years I have met Valentine Plamer at many business networking events, in the last 3 years Valentine has attended and supported many of our speed networking events in London. He has addressed and delivered truly amazing Guest Speaker talks. Valentine’s is an avid networker, constantly helping others to find and generate new business, his list of networkers and business contacts is international if not worldwide, his real forte is passing on knowledge to others on how to improve in the way we do business, how we look, what we say, and most importantly, how we say it.
I thank you for all the valuable information you have given me.

Jim Hewitt

Regional Sales Manager, GWA (UK) Ltd

I found the way that Valentine Palmer coached me in my role as a professional speaker absolutely invaluable. He has a vast knowledge of voice and presentation skills, gained through his many years in TV and film as an actor, writer, voice artist and producer. His expert help enabled me to swiftly overcome my speech defect and build total confidence in my material.

Jo Salter

Female supersonic fighter pilot and motivational speaker

After working with you, I found that I had greater confidence in delivering to groups by using slower and more carefully constructed speeches. I was not the only one to notice the benefits derived from your expert help, as Senior VPs commented on the power of my deliveries.

Randall Mason

Systems Engineering Manager, Cisco Systems

Working with Valentine is a steep learning curve, but it’s also a great adventure. What is so special about him is the warmth he displays to his clients. He brings them into their comfort zone and then gently and persuasively encourages them to break the external barriers which have been holding them back.

Carmel Butler


Valentine’s unique approach to vocal delivery and the design of successful pitches and presentations is much in demand by leading organisations and his clients including, Barclays, Cisco Systems, Deutsche Bank and the NHS.

Valentine is such a great friend to have around. He always makes himself available for friends and people who might need help. He ran a very successful voice coaching session for non-English speakers in HSBC, JP Morgan and Barclays a couple of years ago and we’d be very happy to have him back should opportunities arise.

Ruth Lau

Managing Director, Netgiving International Ltd

There can’t be anybody better to show people how they can present themselves and speak well than someone who has been a professional actor for many years. But Valentine is also a great motivator, a skilled script writer, and an experienced video producer.

John Sansom

Owner, Presslink Communications

Many thanks for helping me to build confidence in addressing both small and large groups in the medical world. From you I learned how to structure my speeches in an entertaining and informative fashion, allowing me to put my agenda across in a more powerful and memorable fashion.

Dr Kofi Owusu MRCP

Medical Advisor. Immunology. Abbott Laboratories.

I now feel much more confident when it comes to addressing groups, and it’s all thanks to your help with my voice. Not only has my original speech defect disappeared but you have helped me to develop a deeper and more powerful tone. Working with you has proved to be absolutely invaluable.

Raigko Vujatovic

VP Statistical Studies, Deutsche Bank

Valentine is an inspiration. Within just two weeks of working intensively with him, he was able to boost my confidence to the point where I was able to apply for a job as a stock promoter in Amsterdam. I was one of two hundred applicants for this position but, when came to it, I remembered all the tips and techniques I’d learned from Valentine. I went in and had a really relaxing interview and got the job! Personally, I think Valentine’s business card should read – Valentine Palmer – Inspirationalist.

Nivan Gutaratum

Stock Promoter

I knew that my voice needed help, but I wasn’t sure exactly what until I started to work with Valentine. He taught me so much about the human voice and how it works and in particular what I needed to develop in order to have a more commanding and attractive voice. From him I gained greater confidence in speaking proper English, with a lower tone, plus better breath control and clearer enunciation. He was a great help, especially in giving me the essential techniques I needed when addressing groups.”

Jenny Beresford

VP. The Telecoms and Utilities Corporation

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